Welcome to the Cat’s and Games Buyers Club
So what’s different about this club?
Well for starters, all members get access to actual dealer cost on sporting goods. You just just message Sid Louis Sclafani and then we will reply with a screenshot if available at the time.
Membership benefits and costs include:

➡️ Exclusive Games priced at dealer cost, so much higher chances of winning with less spots per game.

➡️ Low price shipping on products you buy direct through us.
Typical only $9 on all accessory/optics/ammo orders no matter the quantity. $15 for handguns, $25 for longguns. Some exceptions do apply, so for instance if we have to order the requested item from a distributor with different shipping cost.

➡️ Group voting privileges on products you would like to see featured.

➡️ One free spot per month up to $5.00 that can be used on normal Cats and Games Sticker games. Used on the non-buyers group page.

➡️ Direct consultation for pricing and market values on product inquiries. Most inquiries will be answered in the evenings to consolidate the workload.

➡️ Exclusive membership decal and swag

➡️ Access to exclusive Catsandgames website buyers content – special passwords

➡️ Reduced Membership costs after 3 months. $45 for the first 3 months, $30 for all following consecutive 3 month periods. Memberships will be billed quarterly. If membership ends, renewed members will be billed $45 / 3 months to rejoin.

We will need to maintain at least 50 active members to keep this group going. If for some reason membership numbers are not kept above the minimum. The group will cease operation after the last billing cycle for the last member who joined. With this being said, please feel free to recruit new members to help keep this group alive.


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