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👉 Glock 34 gen 4. It has an RMR cut with a fresh coat of paint on the slide from Spartan Custom Coatings (winner’s choice of color), Ameriglo suppressor height sights, new factory barrel with zero rounds thru it, Texas flag back plate, trigger work with Zev internals, three factory 17 round mags, two 17 round P-mags, one 22 round ETS mag, factory back straps and factory case

For WEBSITE Orders: post your order # and spots

Rules are as follows PLEASE READ:
— Once you claim a spot, go to either and pay as a FRIENDS & FAMILY payment or go to and pay using a card. Numbers are given randomly unless requested in your post below. First come first serve on number requests. Be aware that numbers may already be taken and not updated on the list yet. If this happens you will be given the next closest available number.

☢Once the list is getting close you may want to wait to send payment after we “LIKE” your post. This will confirm that the spot is available and that you may then send payment.

— Once all spots are complete I will post the winner as soon as possible. I will post a video of a random number selection on this page, dictating the winner or winners.
–If for some reason the catsandgames facebook group disappears. Please find us on to regroup on facebook.
–Each entry will automatically win you a sticker! At the end of the month we will post about claiming your stickers and ask you to message us your address and the number of stickers you should receive (maximum of 15 per month) and we will ship them to you for free!! I assure you that the stickers are worth the fun.
— If you have any questions, PLEASE PM me. We need to keep the comments section free of nonsense; this will make it a lot easier for me to manage the drawing.
— No purchase necessary. To receive a free entry. You may obtain one free chance by requesting it in writing, via the US Postal Service, at: WEST FORK ARMORY – “DRAWING” , 2007 TIMBERLANE ST, CONROE TX 77301. ONE FREE ENTRY PER PERSON IS PERMITTED. ALL MAIL IN ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE THE CLOSE OF THE DRAWING.

1. Stephen Klitzke
2. Arthur Michael
3. Roberto D Skooterz
4. Keith Nickell
5. Josh Gomez
6. Joseph Hopkins
7. Choppa Ruthless
8. Choppa Ruthless
9. Choppa Ruthless
10. Stephen Klitzke
11. Roberto D Skooterz
12. Brian McMenomy
13. Thomas Jeffrey Fasciano
14. Blaine Daniel
15. Arthur Michael
16. Jessica Crouch
17. Grady Bell
18. Stephen Klitzke
19. Verlon Southwick
20. Austin Cluck
21. Stephen Bellew
22. Stephen Klitzke
23. Josh Gomez
24. Stan McGee
25. Erik Luce
26. Brian Wischnewsky
27. Choppa Ruthless
28. Arthur Michael
29. Jordan Rittimann
30. Randy Brotherton
31. Terence Woods
32. Josh Gomez
33. Blaine Daniel
34. Thomas Jeffrey Fasciano
35. Don Peterson
36. Verlon Southwick
37. Trey Luong
38. Emily Nicole
39. Arthur Michael
40. Don Peterson – donate back if wins
41. Adriana Compean Narvaez
42. Choppa Ruthless
43. Sandy Umphress
44. Joseph Hopkins
45. Adriana Compean Narvaez
46. Dave Cleary
47. Don Peterson
48. Brian Wischnewsky
49. Jessica Crouch
50. Jordan Rittimann
51. Choppa Ruthless
52. Don Peterson
53. John Ruck Rucker
54. Trey Luong
55. Arthur Michael
56. Terence Woods
57. Dave Cleary
58. Brian McMenomy
59. Arthur Michael
60. Sandy Taylor
61. Stephen Bellew
62. Jimmy Wriston
63. Arthur Michael
64. Austin Cluck
65. Choppa Ruthless
66. Jeremy Allen
67. Blaine Daniel
68. Randy Brotherton
69. Roberto D Skooterz
70. Arthur Michael
71. Justin Schubert
72. Choppa Ruthless
73. Trey Luong
74. Keith Nickell
75. Grady Bell
76. Choppa Ruthless
77. Sonya Rodriguez
78. John Ruck Rucker
79. Greg Bedsole
80. Arthur Michael
81. Dave Cleary
82. Don Peterson – donate back if wins
83. Choppa Ruthless
84. Terence Woods
85. Jessica Crouch
86. Sandy Umphress
87. Arthur Michael
88. Roberto D Skooterz
89. Choppa Ruthless
90. Jordan Rittimann
91. Sandy Taylor
92. Stan McGee
93. Greg Bedsole
94. Choppa Ruthless
95. Justin Schubert
96. Don Peterson
97. Verlon Southwick
98. Don Peterson – donate back if wins
99. Grady Bell
100. Don Peterson – donate back if wins